Determine the degree of each of the following polynomials. <br> (i) 2x-1 (ii) -10 <br> (iii) x^(3)-9x+3x^(5) (iv) y^(3)(1-y^(4))

Question from  Class 9  Chapter Polynomials

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Solution :
(i) Degree of polynomial 2x-1 is one bacause the maximum exponent of x is one .<br> (ii) Degree of polynomial `-10 or -10 x^(0)` is zero , because the exponent of x is zero .<br> (iii) Degree fo polynomilas `x^(3)-9x+3x^(5)` is five , because the maximum exponent of x is five . <br> (iv) Degree of polynomial `y^(3)(1-y^(4) )or y^(3)-y^(7)` is seven , because the maximum exponenent of y is seven.

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