E , F , G , H are respectively, the mid-points of the sides A B ,B C ,C D and D A of parallelogram A B C D . Show that the quadrilateral E F G H is a parallelogram and that its area is half the area of the parallelogram, A B C Ddot GIVEN : A quadrilateral A B C D in which L ,F ,G ,H are respectively the mid-points of the sides A B ,B C ,C D and D Adot TO PROVE : (i) Quadrilateral E F G H is a parallelogram a r(^(gm)E F G H)=1/2a r(^(gm)A B C D) CONSTRUCTION : Join A C and H F

Question from  Class 9  Chapter Area Of Parallelograms And Triangles

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Solution :
EF||AC and `EF=1/2AC-(1)`<br> In`/_ADC`, GH||AC and `GH=1/2AC-(2)`<br> EF=GH and EF||GH<br> EFGH is an parallelogram<br> ABCD is a parallelogram<br> AD=BC,AD||BC.<br> `1/2AD=1/2BC`<br> HD=FC,HD||FC<br> HDFC is a parallelogram<br> `/_HGF` and parallelogram HDFC have same lane<br> ar(/_HGF)=1/2ar(parallelogram HDFC)-(3)<br> `/_HER` and parallelogram HABF<br> ar(/_HEF)=1/2ar(parallelogramHABF)-(4)<br> adding equation 3 and 4<br> `ar(/_HGF)+ar(/_HEF)=1/2[ar(HDFC)+ar(HABF)]`<br> `ar(EFGH)=1/2ar(ABCD)`.

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