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e that both the roots Prove that both the roots ofthe equation (x (x-b) t (x-b)(x-cy t (x- c) (x-a 0 are alw ind the interval in which lies if (a2 t a-2) (a <1 for all x e R x 13. Find the value of for which 2x2 2N t 1) x (N+ 1) 0 may have one root less than root greater than a. ao Find the value ofm for which the quadratic equation x m (2 x -8)-15 0 has both roots p 16, Solve 5x 4 5 V(m2 5x 28) If(k -10) x (2k 2)x t (k+ 13) 0 has one root less than 2 and the other more than 5 18. Ifx is real, find the values of k for which t 2 is valid 3x2 2x 5 19 Determine the range of value ofx for which x2 2x 5

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Complex Numbers And Quadratic Equations

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Solution :
`-2<(x^2+4x+1)/(x^2+x+1)<2`<br> `-1<(x^2+kx+1)/(x^2+x+1)`<br> `0<2+(x^2+kx+1)/(x^2+x+1)`<br> `0<(3x^2+(2+k)x+3)/(x^2+x+1)`<br> `3x^2+(2+k)x+3>0`<br> `(2+k)^2-4*3*2<0`<br> `(k+z)^2<36`<br> `-6ltk+2<6`<br> `-8<k<4-(1)`<br> `(x^2+kx+1)/(x^2+x+1)-2<0`<br> `(-x^2+(k-1)x-1)/(x^2+x+1)<0`<br> `-x^2+(k-2)x-1<0`<br> `x^2-(k-2)x+1>0`<br> `D<0`<br> `(k-2)^2-4<0`<br> `(k-2)^2<4`<br> `-2ltk-2<2`<br> `0ltk<4-(2)`<br> `k in (0,4)`.

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