Each equation contains statements given in two columns which have to be matched. Statements (a,b,c,d) in column I have to be matched with Statements (p, q, r, s) in column II. If the correct match are avecp ,avecs ,bvecq ,bvecr , cvecp , cvecq , and dvecs , then the correctly bubbled 4x4 matrix should be as follows: Figure Consider the lines represented by equation (x^2+x y-x)x(x-y)=0, forming a triangle. Then match the following: Column I|Column II Orthocenter of triangle |p. (1/6,1/2) Circumcenter|q. (1(2+2sqrt(2)),1/2) Centroid|r. (0,1/2) Incenter|s. (1/2,1/2)

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Straight Lines

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