Each question contains statements given in two columns which have to be matched. Statements a,b,c,d in column I have to be matched with statements p,q,r,s in column II. If the correct match are a-p, a-s, b-r, c-p, c-q, and d-s, then the correctly bubbled 4 x 4 matrix should be as follows: fig Column I, Column II If L=""("lim")_(xvec1)((7-x)3-2)/((x+1)),t h e n12 L= , p. -2 If L=""("lim")_(xvecpi/4)(tan^3x-tanx)/(cos(x+pi/4)),t h e n-L/4= , q. 2 If L=""("lim")_(xvec1)((2x-3)(sqrt(x)-1))/(2x^2+x-3),t h e n20 L= , r. 1 If L=""("lim")_(xvecoo)(logx^n-[x])/([x]),w h e r en in N ,([x] denotes greatest integer less than or equal to x),t h e n-2L= , s. -1

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Limits And Derivatives

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