Factorise y^2-5y+6by using the Factor Theorem.

Question from  Class 9  Chapter Polynomials

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Solution :
Here, we have to factorise `P(y) = y^2 - 5y +6`<br> Now,`(y-a)(y-b) = y^2 - by - ay + ab` Comparing above expression with given equation,<br> `ab = 6`<br> So,possible values are `(1,6),(-1,-6),(2,3),(-2,-3)`.<br> So, possibilities are `+-1,+-2,+-3,+-6`<br> Now, from Factor theoram, <br> `(y-a)` is a factor of `P(y) if P(a) = 0`<br> Now, we can check P(y) for all possible values.<br> `P(1) = 1-5+6 = 2`<br> `P(2) = 4-10+6 = 0`<br> `P(3) = 9-15+6 = 0`<br> `P(6) = 36-30+6 = 12`<br> So, only `P(2)` and `P(3)` are `0` as all negative values results in positive values of `P(y)`.<br> So, factor of `P(y) = (y-2)(y-3)`

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