Fill in the blanks in the following so that each of the following statements is true Sides opposite to equal angles of a triangle are ....... Angle opposite to equal sides of a triangle are ....... In an opposite to equal sides of a triangle are ....... In a A B C if /_A=/_C , then A B=\ ..... If altitudes C E\ a n d\ B F of a triangle A B C are equal, then A B= ........ In an isosceles triangle A B C with A B=A C , if B D\ a n d\ C E are its altitudes, then B D is .......... C E In right triangles A B C\ a n d\ D E F , if hypotenuse A B=E F and side A C=D E , then A B C\ ~= ....

Question from  Class 9  Chapter Congruent Triangle

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