Find by integration the area of the region bounded by the curve y=2x-x^2 and the x-axis.

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Area Of Bounded Regions

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Solution :
The given curve is `y=2x-x^2` <br> Now `y=2x -x^2 rArr (x^2-2x + 1)=(-y+1)` <br> `rArr (x-1)^2=-1( y-1)` <br> `rArr X^2=-y` <br> <br> where (x-1)=X and (y-1) =y <br> Clearly , `x^2 =-y` is a downward parabola with its vertex at (X =0, Y=0 ). <br> Now, X=0 Y=0 `rArr` x-1 =0 and y-1 =0 <br> `rArr x=1 "and "y=1` <br> Thus the vertex of the parabola is A(1,1) <br> Also `y=0 rArr 2x -x^2 =0 rArr x(2-x)=0 rArr x=0 or x=2` <br> Thus, the curve the x-axist at O (0,0) and B (2,0) <br> The rough sketch of the cueve can now be drawn as shown in the given figure <br> `therefore` required area`= underset(0)overset(2)int y dx` <br> `= underset(0)overset(2)int(2x -x^2 ) dx = [x^2 - (x^3)/(3)]_0 ^-2` <br> `= (4-8/3)=4/3` sq units <br> Hence the required area is 4/3 sq units . <br> <img src="" width="80%">

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