Find (i) the curved surface area and (ii) the total surface area of a hemisphere of radius 21 cm.

Question from  Class 9  Chapter Surface Areas And Volumes

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Solution :
(i) The curved surface area of a hemisphere can be given as `A_C = 2pir^2`<br> Here, `r = 21 cm`<br> So, `A_C = 2**22/7**21**21 = 22**26 = 2772cm^2`<br> (ii) Total Surface Area of a hemisphere, `A_T = `Curved surface area + area of base<br> So, `A_T = A_C+pir^2`<br> `A_T = 2272+22/7**21**21 = 2272+22**63`<br> `A_T = 2272+1386 = 4158 cm^2`<br>

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