Find numerically greatest term is the expansion of (3-5x)^11 "when " x=1/5

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Solutions Of Triangle & Binomial Theorem

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Solution :
Using <br> `(n+1)/(1+|a/b|)-1le r le (n+1)/(1+|a/b|)` <br> `(11+1)/(1+|3/(-5x)|)-1le r le (11+1)/(1+|3/(-5x)|)` <br> solving we get `2 le r le 3 ` <br> `therefor r= 2, 3 ` <br> So, the greatest terms are `T_(3) = ""^C_(2).3^9 (-5x)^2=56.3 ^(9)= T_(4)` <br> From above we say that the value of boht greatest terms are equal .

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