Find the angle between the lines <br> (5-x)/(3)=(y+3)/(-4) ,z=7 " and " (x)/(1) =(1-y)/(2)=(z-6)/(2)

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Straight Line In Space

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Solution :
The given lines in standard form are <br> `(x-5)/(-3) =(y+3)/(-4) =(z-7)/(0) " and " (x)/(1) =(y-1)/(-2) =(z-6)/(2)` <br> Here `a_(1)=-3,b_(1) =-4 ,c_(1) =0 "and " a_(2) =1, b_(2) =-2 ,c_(2) =2` <br> Let `theta ` be the angle between the given lines. Then <br> `" cos " theta =(|a_(1)a_(2)+b_(1)b_(2)+c_(1)c_(2)|)/({sqrt(a_(1)^(2)+b_(1)^(2)+c_(1)^(2)}}{sqrt(a_(2)^(2)+b_(2)^(2)+c_(2)^(2))}}` <br> `=(|(-3)xx1+(-4)xx(-2)+0xx2|)/({sqrt(9+16+0}}{sqrt(1+4+4}}}=(5)/(5xx3) =(1)/(3)` <br> `:. theta = cos ^(-1) .((1)/(3))` <br> Hence the angle between the given lines is `cos^(-1) .((1)/(3))`

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