Find the angle between the two planes 2x + y 2z = 5and 3x 6y 2z = 7using vector method.

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Three Dimensional Geometry

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Solution :
Direction ratios of the normal of plane 1 `2x+y-2z = 5` are `(2,1,-2)`.<br> Direction ratios of the normal of plane 2 `3x-6y-2z = 7` are `(3,-6,-2)`.<br> `:.` Direction cosines of plane 1 = `(2/sqrt(2^2+1^2+(-2)^2),1/sqrt(2^2+1^2+(-2)^2),-2/sqrt(2^2+1^2+(-2)^2))`<br> `=(2/3,1/3,-2/3)`.<br> Direction cosines of plane 2 = `(3/sqrt(3^2+(-6)^2+(-2)^2),-6/sqrt(3^2+(-6)^2+(-2)^2),-2/sqrt(3^2+(-6)^2+(-2)^2)`<br> `=(3/7,-6/7,-2/7)`.<br> `:.costheta = l_1l_2+m_1m_2+n_1n_2 = (2/3*3/7)+(1/3*-6/7)+(-2/3*-2/7)`<br> `=>costheta = 4/21`<br> `:. theta = cos^-1(4/21)`.<br> So, the angle between these two planes is `cos^-1(4/21)`.<br>

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