Find the area of the triangle formed by the lines y-x=0,x+y=0and x-k=0.

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Straight Lines

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Solution :
Equation of line 1,`L_1->y-x = 0=> x= y->(1)`<br> Equation of line 2,`L_2->x+y = 0=> x = -y->(2)`<br> Equation of line 3,`L_3->x-k = 0=> x = k->(3)`<br> Now, if we draw these lines, it will form a triangle with vertices, `(0,0),(k,k),(k,-k)`.<br> Please refer to video for the diagram.<br> Now, from the diagram, we can see that,<br> Base of triangle `=2k`<br> Altitude of triangle ` = k`<br> So, Area of triangle = 1/2*base*height<br> `:.` Area `= 1/2*2k*k = k^2` square units<br>

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