Find the co-ordinates of a point where the line (x-1)/(-2) = (y-2)/(3) = (z+5)/(-4), meets the plane 2x+4-z=3.

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Three-Dimensional Geometry

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Solution :
Let `(x-1)/(-2) = (y-2)/(3) = (z+5)/(-4) = lambda` <br> Co-ordinates of any point A on this line <br> `A(-2lambda+1,3lambda+2,-4lambda-5)` <br> This point lies on the plane `2x+4y-z=3` <br> `2(-2lambda+1)+4(3lambda+2)-(-4lambda-5)=3` <br> `rArr -4lambda+2+12lambda+8+4lambda+5=3` <br> `rArr 12lambda = -12` <br> `rArr lambda = - 1` <br> `:.` Co-ordinates of point `A = (3,-1,-1)`.

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