Find the equation of the curve through the point (1,0), if the slope of the tangent to the curve at any point (x,y) is (y-1)/(x^(2)+x)

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Differential Equations

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Solution :
It is given that, slope of tangent to the curve at any point (x, y) is `(y-1)/(x^(2)+x)`. <br> `therefore" "((dy)/(dx))_((x","y))=(y-1)/(x^(2)+x)` <br> `rArr" "(dy)/(dx)=(y-1)/(x^(2)+x)` <br> `rArr" "(dy)/(y-1)=(dx)/(x^(2)+x)` <br> On intergrating both sides, we get <br> `" "int(dy)/(y-1)=int(dx)/(x^(2)+x)` <br> `rArr" "int(dy)/(y-1)=int(dx)/(x(x+1))` <br> `rArr" "int(dy)/(y-1)=int((1)/(x)-(1)/(x+1))dx` <br> `rArr" "log(y-1)=logx-log(x+1)+logC` <br> `rArr" "log(y-1)=log((xC)/(x+1))` <br> Since, the given curve passes through point (1, 0). <br> `therefore" "0-1=(1.C)/(1+1)rArrC=-2` <br> The particular solution is `" "y-1=(-2x)/(x+1)` <br> `rArr" "(y-1)(x+1)=-2x` <br> `rArr" "(y-1)(x+1)+2x=0`

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