Find the general solution of the differential equation <br> (x^(3) + x^(2) +x+1)(dy)/(dx) = 2x^(2) +x.

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Differential Equations With Variable Separable

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Solution :
The given differential equation may be written as <br> `(dy)/(dx) = (2x^(2) +x)/((x^(3)+x^(2)+x+1))=((2x^(2)+x))/(x^(2)(x+1)+(x+1))=((2x^(2)+x))/((x+1)+(x^(2)+1))` <br> `rArr dy={((2x^(2)+x))/((x+1)+(x^(2)+1))}dx` <br> `rArr int dy = int ((2x^(2)+x))/((x+1)+(x^(2)+1))dx " ...(i) " `[integrating both sides] <br> `rArr y=int ((2x^(2)+x))/((x+1)+(x^(2)+1))dx + C`, where C is a arbitrary constant. <br> Let `(2x^(2)+x)/((x+1)+(x^(2)+1)) =(A)/((x+1))+(Bx+C)/((x^(2)+1)).` <br> Then, `2x^(2)+x-=A(x^(2)+1)+(Bx+C)(x+1). " " ` ...(ii) <br> Putting x = -1 iin (ii), we get `2A= 1 rArr A = (1)/(2).` <br> Putting x = 0 in (ii), we get ` A + C=0rArr C = -A =(-1)/(2).` <br> Putting x = 1 in (ii), we get `2A + 2B+2C =3` <br> `therefore A +B+C =(3)/(2) rArr (1)/(2) + B -(1)/(2) = (3)/(2) rArr B=(3)/(2).` <br> `therefore A =(1)/(2), B=(3)/(2) and C = (-1)/(2) .`<br> `therefore y=(1)/(2)int (dx)/((x+1))+int (((3)/(2)x-(1)/(2)))/((x^(2)-1))dx+C` <br> `rArr y=(1)/(2)int (dx)/((x+1))+(3)/(2) int (x)/((x^(2)+1)) dx -(1)/(2)int (dx)/((x^(2)+1)) + C` <br> `rArr y=(1)/(2)log|x+1|=(3)/(4) int (2x)/((x^(2)+1))dx -(1)/(2) tan^(-1)x +C` <br> `rArr y=(1)/(2)log |x+1|+(3)/(4)log |x^(2)+1|-(1)/(2)tan^(-1)x +C.` <br> Hence, `y=(1)/(2)log |x+1|+(3)/(4)log |x^(2)+1|-(1)/(2)tan^(-1)x +C` is the required solution.

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