Find the general solution of the differential equations:(x+3y^2)(dx)/(dy)=y(y >0)

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Differential Equations

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Solution :
Here, given equation is,<br> `(x+3y^2)dy/dx = y`<br> `=>dx/dy = (x+3y^2)/y`<br> `=>dx/dy -x/y = 3y`<br> Comparing it with `dx/dy +Px = Q`<br> `P = -1/y and Q = 3y`<br> Integrating factor, `I.F. = e^(intPdy)`<br> `I.F. = e^(int-1/ydy) = e^-lny = y^-lne = y-1 = 1/y`<br> Now, general solution will be,<br> `x(I.F.) = int(I.F.)Qdy`<br> `=>x/y = int(1/y)(3y)dy`<br> `=>x/y = 3y+c`<br> `=>x = 3y^2+cy`<br>

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