Find the square root of 7+4sqrt(3). <br> (b) Find the square root of 10+sqrt(24)+sqrt(60)+sqrt(40)

Question from  Class 9  Chapter Number Systems

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Solution :
Let `sqrt(7+4sqrt(3))=sqrt(x)+sqrt(y)` <br> Squaring both the sides, <br> `7+4sqrt(3)=x+y+2sqrt(xy)` <br> `implies x+y=7 and sqrt(xy)=2sqrt(3) implies xy 12` <br> By solving , we get x=4 and y=3 <br> `sqrt(x)+sqrt(y)=sqrt(4)+sqrt(3)=2+sqrt(3)` <br> (b) Let the given expression be equal to `a+sqrt(x)+sqrt(y)+sqrt(z)` <br> As per the method discussed , `a=10, b=24, c=60 and d=40 `<br> `x=(1)/(2)sqrt((bd)/(c))=(1)/(2)sqrt((24xx40)/(60))=2` <br> `y=(1)/(2)sqrt((bc)/(d))=(1)/(2)sqrt((24xx60)/(40))=3` <br> `z=(1)/(2)sqrt((cd)/(b))=(1)/(2)sqrt((60xx40)/(24))=5` <br> `therefore sqrt(x)+sqrt(y)+sqrt(z)=sqrt(2)+sqrt(3)+sqrt(5)` <br> Alternative method: <br> `=sqrt(10+sqrt(24)+sqrt(60)+sqrt(40))` <br> `=sqrt(10+2sqrt(6)+2sqrt(15)+2sqrt(10))` <br> `=sqrt((2+3+5)+2sqrt(2(3))+2sqrt(3(5))=2sqrt(2(5)))` <br> `=sqrt((2)+sqrt(3)+sqrt(5))^(2)` <br> `=sqrt(2)+sqrt(3)+sqrt(5)`

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