Find the vector equation of the line passing through the point A(2,-1,1) and parallel to the line joining the points B (-1,4,1) and C(1,2,2) .Also find the Cartesian equations of the line .

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Straight Line In Space

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Solution :
Vector equation of the given line: <br> the p.v of B `=(hat(i) +hat(j) +hat(k)) " and " p.v " of " C = (hat(i) +2hat(j) +2hat(k))` <br> `:. , vec(BC) =(p.v " or " C) =(p .v. " of " B)` <br> `=(hat(i) +2hat(j)+2hat(k)) -(-hat(i) +4hat(j) +hat(k)) =(2hat(i) -2hat(j) +hat(k))` <br> The p.v. of A is `vec( r) =2hat(i) -hat(j) +hat(k)` <br> `:. ` the vector equation of the given line is <br> `vec( r) =vec(r )_(1) +lambda (vec(BC))` <br> `hArr vec(r ) =(2hat(i) -hat(j) +hat(k)) +lambda(2hat(i) -2hat(j) +hat(k))` <br> Cartesian equations of the given line: <br> Taking `vec(r) =x hat(i) +yhat(j) +zhat(k)` equations (i) becomes <br> `(xhat(i) +yhat(j) +zhat(k))=(2hat(i)-hat(j)+hat(k))+lambda(2hat(i) -2hat(j)+hat(k))` <br> `hArr (xhat(i) +yhat(j)+zhat(k))=(2+2lambda)hat(i) +(-1-2lambda) hat(j) +(1+lambda) hat(k)` <br> `hArr x =2 + 2lambda , y= 1- 2lambda " and " z=1+ lambda` <br> `hArr (x-2)/(2)=(y+1)/(-2) =(z-1)/(1)=lambda` <br> Hence `(x-2)/(2)=(y+1)/(-2) =(z-1)/(1)` are the required equation of the given line in the Cartesian form.

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