For positive numbers x, y and z, the numerical value of the determinant |{:(1,"log"_(x)y, "log"_(x)z),("log"_(y)x, 1, "log"_(y)z),("log"_(z)x, "log"_(z)y, 1):}| is……

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Matrices And Determinants

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Solution :
Let `Delta = |{:(1,"log"_(x)y, "log"_(x)z),("log"_(y)x, 1, "log"_(y)z),("log"_(z)x, "log"_(z)y, 1):}|` <br> `= |{:(1,("log"y)/("log"x), ("log"z)/("log"x)),(("log"x)/("log"y), 1, ("log"z)/("log"y)),(("log"x)/("log"y), ("log"y)/("log"z), 1):}|` <br> On dividing and multiplying `R_(1), R_(2), R_(3)` by log x log y, log z, respectively. <br> `=(1)/("log"x" log" y" log"z) |{:("log"x,"log"y, "log"z),("log"x,"log"y, "log"z),("log"x,"log"y, "log"z):}| = 0`

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