From a pack of 52 cards, a black jack ,a red queen and two black kings fell down. A card was then drawn from the remaining pack at random.Find the probability that the card drawn is (i) a black card (ii) a king (iii) a red queen

Question from  Class 10  Chapter Probability

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Solution :
4 cards was removed <br> remaining cards`= 52-4= 48` cards <br> 4 cards`->`2 black king <br> `->`1 red queen <br> `->` 1 black jack <br> probability= (favourable outcomes)/(total no of outcomes) <br> (i) `p= (.^23 C_1)/(.^48 C_1) = 23/48` <br> `p = 23/48` <br> (ii) `p= (.^2C_1)/(.^48 C_1)= 2/48 ` <br> `p = 1/24` <br> (iii) `p = 1/48` <br> Answers

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