How many different seven digit numbers are there the sum of whose digits is even ?

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Permutations And Combinations

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Solution :
Let us consider 10 successive seven digit numbers <br> `a_(1)a_(2)a_(3)a_(4)a_(5)a_(6)0` <br> `a_(1)a_(2)a_(3)a_(4)a_(5)a_(6)1` <br> `a_(1)a_(2)a_(3)a_(4)a_(5)a_(6)2` <br> `a_(1)a_(2)a_(3)a_(4)a_(5)a_(6)3` <br> ……………………. <br> `a_(1)a_(2)a_(3)a_(4)a_(5)a_(6)9` <br> Where , `a_(1),a_(2),a_(3) , ........ a_(6)` are some digits. <br> Here we observe that, half of these 10 number i.e., five numbers have an even sum of digits and five numbers have an odd sum of digits . The first digit `a_(1)`, can assume 9 different values, each of digits `a_(2),a_(3),a_(4),a_(5),a_(6)` can assume 10 different values, the last `a_(7)` , can assume only 5 different values for which the sum of all the digits is even. <br> Hence the required number of different seven digit numbers `=9xx10^(5)xx5=45xx10^(5)`.

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