How many sides does a regular polygon have if each of its interior angles is 165^@ ?

Question from  Class 8  Chapter Understanding Quadrilaterals

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Solution :
Let number of sides of given regular polygon is `n`.<br> Then, sum of all of the angles can be given as,<br> `S = (n-2)**180^@->(1)`<br> Also, as we are given each interior angle is `165^@`,<br> So, Sum of all the angles will also be,<br> `S = 165n->(2)`<br> From (1) and (2),<br> `(n-2)**180 = 165n`<br> `180n - 360 = 165n => 15n = 360 => n = 360/15 = 24`<br> So, number of sides in the given polygon is `24`.

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