If A(-2,-1) B(a,0) C(4,b) and D (1,2) are vertices of a parallelogram find the values of a and b

Question from  Class 10  Chapter Coordinate Geometry

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Solution :
As we know that, mid point of AC= mid point of BD <br> `((-2-4)/2, (-1+B)/2) = ((a+1)/2, (0+2)/2)` <br> `(2/2, (b-1)/2)= ((a+1)/2, 1)` <br> `a+1/2= 1 & (b-1)/2 = 1` <br> `a+1=2` <br> `a=1` <br> `(b-1)/2 = 1` <br> `b-1=2` <br> `b=3` <br> points are`B(9,0), B(1,0)` <br> `C(4,1)` <br> `C(4,3)` <br> answer

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