If A and B are two square marices of the same order such that AB=BA, then (AB)^(n) is equal to <br> where n epsilonN

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Matrices

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Answer :
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Here given that `AB=BA`…………i <br> We want to prove that `(AB)^(n)=A^(n)B^(n)`………..ii <br> For `n=1`, Eq. (ii) is obviously true [From eq. i ] <br> Let Eq. (ii) be true for a positive integer `n=m` <br> i.e. `(AB)^(m)=A^(m)B^(m)`…………….iii <br> then of `n=m+1` <br> `(AB)^(m+1)=(AB)^(m)(AB)=(A^(m)B^(m))(AB)` [From Eq. iii] <br> `=A^(m)(B^(m)A)B=A^(m)(AB^(m))B` <br> `[ :'AB^(n)=B^(n)A` for all `n epsilonN`, whenever `AB=BA]` <br> `=(A^(m)A)(B^(m)B)=A^(m+1)B^(m+1)` <br> Hence by induction Eq. ii is true for all `n epsilonN`.

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