If a , b , c are all positive and are p t h ,q t ha n dr t h terms of a G.P., then that =|loga p1logb q1logc r1|=0

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Determinants

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Solution :
`a -> pth` <br> `b -> qth` <br> `c -> rth` <br> `a = AR^(P-1)` <br> `b= AR^(q-1)` <br> `c =AR^(r-1)` <br> `log a = log A + (p-1)log R` <br> `log b = log A + (q-1)log R` <br> `log c = log A + (r-1)log R` <br> `=> |(logA + (p-1) log R , p ,1),(logB + (q-1)log R, q,1),(logC + (r-1)log R , r ,1)|` <br> `C_2 -> C_3 - C_2` <br> `= |(log A+ (p-1)log R , p-1, 1),(log B + (q-1)log R , q-1, 1),(log c + (r-1)log R , r-1, 1)|` <br> `C_1 -> C_1 - log A C_3 - log R C_2 ` <br> `|(0,p-1,1),(0,q-1,1),(0,r-1,1)| = 0` <br> Answer

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