If a ,b ,c ,d are in A.P. and x , y , z are in G.P., then show that x^(b-c)doty^(c-a)dotz^(a-b)=1.

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Geometric Progressions

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Solution :
Let `D` is the common difference in the given A.P.<br> Then,<br> `b-a = D, c-b = D, d-c = D`<br> `:. b-c = -D, c-a = 2D,a-b = -D`<br> As, `x,y and z` are in G.P.<br> `:. y^2 = zx`<br> Now, `x^(b-c)*y^(c-a)*z^(a-b) = x^(-D)*y^(2D)*z^(-D)`<br> `= (1/(zx))^D*(y^2)^D`<br> `=(y^2/(zx))^D`<br> `=((zx)/(zx))^D...[ `As ` y^2 = zx]`<br> `=1^D = 1`<br> `:. x^(b-c)*y^(c-a)*z^(a-b) = 1`<br>

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