If a hyperbola passes through the foci of the ellipse (x^2)/(25)+(y^2)/(16)=1 . Its transverse and conjugate axes coincide respectively with the major and minor axes of the ellipse and if the product of eccentricities of hyperbola and ellipse is 1 then the equation of a. hyperbola is (x^2)/9-(y^2)/(16)=1 b. the equation of hyperbola is (x^2)/9-(y^2)/(25)=1 c. focus of hyperbola is (5, 0) d. focus of hyperbola is (5sqrt(3),0)

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Jee Mains

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Solution :
Here, equation of ellipse is,<br> `x^2/25+y^2/16 = 1`<br> So, if e is the essentricity of ellipse, then,<br> `e^2 = 1-b^2/a^2 = 1-16/25 = 9/25`<br> `e = 3/5`<br> We know, foci of ellipse is (ae,0). So, focus of given ellipse will be `(3,0)`.<br> Now, let equation of hyperbola is,<br> `x^2/a^2-y^2/b^2 = 1`<br> Now, as hyperbola passes through the foci of the given ellipse`(3,0)`,<br> We can say that.,`9/a^2 - 0 = 1=>a^2=9`<br> Also, we are given product of eccentricity of ellipse and hyperbola is 1. If eccentricity of hyperbola is `e_h`, then,<br> `3/5**e_h = 1=>e_h= 5/3`<br> As we know, `e_h^2 = 1+b^2/a^2`<br> Putting, values of `e_h and a^2`, we get, `b^2 = 16`<br> So, equation of hyperbola is `x^2/9-y^2/16 = 1`<br> Now, focus of hyperbola is `(+-ae_h,0) = (+-5,0)`<br> That means, option B and option C are correct.

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