If a transversal intersects two lines such that the bisectors of a pair of corresponding angles are parallel, then prove that the two lines are parallel.

Question from  Class 9  Chapter Lines And Angles

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Solution :
CE is angle bisector of `/_ ACQ` <br> DF is angle bisector of `/_CDS` <br> `CF || DF` <br> AD is transversal line for CE & DF <br> `/_ ACE = /_ CDF` <br> `/_ ACQ = 2 xx /_ACE` <br> `/_AC= 1/2 /_ ACQ` <br> So, `1/2 /_ACQ = /_CDS` <br> `/_CDF = 1/2/_CDS` <br> So, `PQ ||RS` <br> AB acts as the transversal line <br> Answer

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