If A,B and C are angles of a triangle then the determinant <br> |(-1,cosC,cosB),(cosC,-1,cosA),(cosB,cosA,-1)| is equal to

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Determinants

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0`-1``1`None of these

Answer :
Solution :
We have `|(-1,cosC,cosB),(cosC,-1,cosA),(cosB,cosA,-1)|` <br> Applying `C_(1)toaC_(1)+bC_(2)+cC_(3)`, <br> `|(-a+bcosC+c cosB, cosC,cosB),(acosC-b+c cosA,-1,cosA),(acosB+bcosA-c,cosA,-1)|` <br> Also by projection rule in a triangle we know that <br> `a=bcosC+c cosB,b=c cosA+acosC` and `c=acosB+bcosA` <br> Using above equation in column first we get <br> `|(-a+a,cosC,cosB),(b-b,-1,cosA),(c-c,cosA,-1)|=|(0,cosC,cosB),(0,-1,cosA),(0,cosA,-1)|=0` <br> [since determinant having all elements of any column or row gives values of determinant.

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