If lines x=ay+b, z= cy +d " and " x=a' z+b <br> y+c' z+ d' are perpendicular then

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Vector Algebra

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Let `1^(st)` line is x = ay +b, z =cy +d. <br> `rArr (x-b)/(a) y , (z-d)/( c) =y rArr (x-b)/(a) =y= (z-d)/(c )` <br> the direction vector of this line is `b_(1)= ahat(i) +hat(j) + chat(k).` <br> Let `2^(nd)` line is x= a'z +b', y =c' z+d' <br> `rArr (x-b)/(a)=z, (y-d)/(c ) =z rArr (x-b)/(a )' =(y-d)/( c) =z` <br> The direction vector of this line is `b_(2)= a'hat(i) +c'hat(j) + hat(k)` <br> `:. ` The two lines are perpendicular therefore `b_(1). b_(2) =0` <br> `rArr(ahat(i) +hat(j) +chat(k)) . (a'hat(i)+chat(j) +hat(k)) =0` <br> `rArr aa' +c' +c=0 " " rArr aa' +c+ c=0`

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