If mgt0, ngt0, the definite integral I=int_0^1 x^(m-1)(1-x)^(n-1)dx depends upon the values of m and n is denoted by beta(m,n), called the beta function.For example, int_0^1 x^3 (1-x)^4dx=int_0^1 x^(4-1) (1-x)^(5-1) dx=beta(4,5) and int_0^1 x^(3/2) (1-x)^((-1)/2)dx=int_0^1 x^(5/2-1) (1-x)^(1/2-1)dx=beta(5/2,1/2).Obviously, beta(n,m)=beta(m,n).Now answer the question:If int_0^2 (8-x^3)^((-1)/3)dx=kbeta(1/3,2/3), then k equals to (A) 1 (B) 1/2 (C) 1/3 (D) 1/4

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Definite Integrals And Properties Of Definite Integrals - For Competition

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