If sintheta + 2 costheta=1,then prove that 2sintheta-costheta=2.

Question from  Class 10  Chapter Introduction To Trigonometry And Its Applications

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Solution :
Given, `sintheta+2costheta=1` <br> On squaring both sides, we get <br> `(sintheta+2costheta)^(2)=1` <br> `sin^(2)theta+4cos^(2)theta+4sintheta.costheta=1` <br> `rArr (1-cos^(2)theta) + 4(1-sin^(2)theta)+4sintheta.costheta=1` `[therefore sin^(2)theta+ cos^(2)theta=1]` <br> `rArr 4sin^(2)theta + cos^(2)theta-4sintheta. costheta=4` <br> `rArr (2sintheta-costheta)^(2)=4` `[therefore a^(2)+b^(2)-2ab=(a-b)^(2)]` <br> `rArr 2sintheta-costheta=2` Hence proved.

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