If sintheta-costheta=(7)/(13) and 0^(@) lt theta lt 90^(@),<br> then the value of sin_(theta)+cos_(theta) is(यदि sintheta-costheta=(7)/(13)and 0^(@) और 0^(@) lt theta lt 90^(@) तो का मान ज्ञात क्या होगा )

Question from  Class 14  Chapter Trigonometry

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`sintheta -cos theta=(7)/(13)=alpha` <br> When <br> `ax+by=m` .....(i) <br> `bx- ay=n` ...........(ii) <br> By adding these two equations after making square on both sides we get <br> `(a ^(2)+b^(2))(x^(2)+y^(2))=m^(2)+n^(2)` <br> In the some process <br> `Sin theta+-Cos theta=a` <br> Then `Sin theta-+costheta=sqrt(2-a^(2))` <br> `sintheta+cos theta=sqrt(2-((7)/(13))^(2))` <br> `=sqrt(2-((49)/(169)))=sqrt((289)/(169))=(17)/(13)`

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