If the area (in sq units) of the region {(x,y):y^(2) le 4x, x+y le 1, x ge 0, y ge 0} " is " a sqrt(2) +b," then " a-b is equal to

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Given region is `(x,y):y^(2) le 4x, x +y le 1, x ge 0, y ge 0}` <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/41Y_SP_MATH_C13_E02_002_S01.png" width="80%"> <br> Now, for point P, put value of `y=1-x " to " y^(2) =4x,` we get <br> `(1-x)^(2)=4x rArr x^(2)+1-2x=4x` <br> `rArr x^(2)-6x+1=0` <br> `rArr x=(6pm sqrt(36-4))/(2)` <br> `=3pm 2sqrt(2)`. <br> Since., x-coordinate of P less than x-coordinate of point A(1, 0). <br> ` therefore x=3 - 2sqrt(2)` <br> Now, required area <br> `=int_(0)^(3-2sqrt(2))2sqrt(2) dx+int_(3-2sqrt(2))^(1)(1-x)dx` <br> `=2|(x^(3//2))/(3//2)|_(0)^(3-2sqrt(2))+[x-(x^(2))/(2)]_(3-2sqrt(2))^(1)` <br> `=(4)/(3)(3-2sqrt(2))^(3//2) +(1-(1)/(2))-(3-2sqrt(2))+((3-2sqrt(2))^(2))/(2)`<br> `=(4)/(3)[(sqrt(2)-1)^(2)]^(3//2)+(1)/(2)-3+2sqrt(2)+(1)/(2)(9+8-12sqrt(2))` <br> `=(4)/(3)(sqrt(2)-1)^(3)-(5)/(2)+2sqrt(2)+(17)/(2)-6sqrt(2)` <br> `=(4)/(3) (2sqrt(2)-3(2)+3(sqrt(2))-1)-4sqrt(2)+6` <br> `=(4)/(3)(5sqrt(2)-7)-4sqrt(2)+6=(8sqrt(2))/(3)-(10)/(3)` <br>`=a sqrt(2)+b" (given)" ` <br> So, on comparing `a=(8)/(3) and b= -(10)/(3)` <br> ` therefore a-b=(8)/(3)+(10)/(3)=6`

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