In a right triangle,Prove that the line-segment joining the mid-point of the hypotenuse to the opposite vertex is half the hypotenuse

Question from  Class 9  Chapter Triangles

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Solution :
Given In `Delta ABC ,angleB=90^(@)` and D is the mid-point of AC <br> Construction produce BD to E such that BD =DE and join EC <br> To Prove <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> Proof In `Delta ADB and DeltaCDE " " AD=DC " " [because "D is mid-point of" AC]` <br> BD =DE [by construction ] <br> and ` angle ADB = angleCDE` [vertically opposite angles ] <br> `therefore DeltaADB cong Delta CDE` [by SAS Congruence rule] <br> `rArr AB=EC` [by CPCT] <br> But `angleBAD and angle DCE ` are alternate angles <br> So EC|| AB and BC is a transversal <br> `therefore angleABC + angle BCE =180^(@)` [cointerior angles ] <br> `rArr 90^(@)+angle BCE = 180^(@)` [`because angleABC =90^(@)` given ] <br> `rArr angleBCE=180^(@)-90^(@)` <br> `rArr angleBCE=90^(@)` <br> In `Delta ABC and Delta ECB` AB=EC [proved above] <br> BC=CB [common side] <br> and `angleABC=angleECB ` [each `90^(@)`] <br> `therefore Delta ABC cong Delta ECB ` [by SAS congruence rule ] <br> `rArr` AC=EB [by CPCT ] <br> `rArr 1/2EB =1/2 AC` [dividing both sides by 2] <br> `rArr BD =1/2 AC `

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