In figure ,D and E are Points on side BC of a Delta ABC such that BD=CE and AD=AE.Show that Delta ABD cong Delta ACE. <br> <img src="" width="80%">

Question from  Class 9  Chapter Triangles

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Solution :
Given D and E are the point on side BC of a `Delta ABC `Such that BD =CE and AD=AE. <br> To show `Delta ABD cong Delta ACE` <br> Proof We have,`" " AD=AE " "[given]` <br> `rArr " "angleADE=angleAED " "…(i)` <br> `" "["since angle opposite to equal sides are equal "]` <br> We have `" "angleADB+angleADE=180 ^(@) " " ["linear Pair axiom"] ` <br> `rArr " "angleADB=180^(@)-angleAED` <br> `" "=180^(@)-angleAED " " ["from Eq.(i)"]` <br> `In Delta ABD and Delta ACE,` <br> `" "angleADB=angleAEC " "[because angleAEC + angleAED=180^(@),"Linear Pair axiom"]` <br>`" "BD=CE " "["given"]` <br> `therefore " "DeltaABD cong Delta ACE " "["by SAS congruence rule"]`

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