In which of the following sets the inequality sin^6x+cos^6x >5/8 holds good? (a)(-pi/3,pi/8) (b) ((3pi)/8,(5pi)/8) (c) (pi/4,(3pi)/4) (d) ((7pi)/8,(9pi)/8)

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Trigonometric Functions

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Solution :
`sin^6x+cos^6x gt 5/8`<br> `=>(sin^2x)^3+(cos^2x)^3 gt 5/8`<br> `=>(sin^2x+cos^2x)^3 - 3sin^2xcos^2x(sin^2x+cos^2x) gt 5/8` <br> `=>1-3sin^2xsin^2x gt 5/8`<br> `=>3sin^2xcos^2x lt 3/8`<br> `=>8sin^2xcos^2x lt 1`<br> `=>2sin^2 2x lt 1`<br> `=>1-2sin^2 2x gt 0 `<br> `=>cos4x gt 0`<br> `=> 4x in (2npi-pi/2,2npi+pi/2)`<br> `=> x in (pi/8(4n-1),pi/8(4n+1))`<br> For `n = 0`,<br> `x in (-pi/8,pi/8)`<br> For `n = 1`,<br> `x in ((3pi)/8,(5pi)/8)`<br> For `n = 2`,<br> `x in ((7pi)/8,(9pi)/8)`<br> So, option -`(b)` and `(d)` are correct options.<br>

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