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Limits And Derivatives

Introduction of all indeterminate forms



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Updated On: 25-5-2020

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Introduction to Indeterminate Forms

In the field of mathematics there are various concepts that we always come across. These concepts more or less, help us to clear the calculation mechanism and also understand the application of the same. When we apply the concepts of different forms, we will be able to create an understanding of the same that there will be greater emphasis on the use of different concepts. Here in the area of arithmetics, we can create the brief in regards to the components that should be responsible for the calculations to be smooth and outstanding. In this chapter, we will be discussing all the indeterminate forms, the limitations of the indeterminate forms and also will try to understand the implications of the same with the help of a few solved examples. There we will also be able to have the implications of the process.

What are Indeterminate Form

Let us first try and understand the concept of indeterminate forms. This term indeterminate means the unknown value. This is one of the most commonly used terms in the mathematical expression when we are not able to determine the exact value of a given equation or a set of questions. There are always certain equations or mathematical problems for which we will not be able to imply the process mechanism. In this we can also look forward to the application of a definite formula or process. When we are not able to determine the value of a definite expression, we go into the process of substitution of the limits. There are always some expressions for which we are not able to find the solution for. In most of the cases, this thing occurs because the indeterminate form occurs while taking the ratio of two functions, such that both of the functions approach zero in the limit. Such cases are called “indeterminate form 0/0”. Similarly, we can say that the indeterminate form can be obtained with the process as addition, subtraction, multiplication, exponential operations.

Indeterminate Form List

There are various types of indeterminate forms that have been captured so that the application of the same can be done in order to solve the problems. This all is done in a tabular format so that we are able to evaluate the same in a proper manner. The tabular representation of the same is given below:

Indeterminate Forms of Limits

There always is the limitation to the expressions. There always exist some forms where there will be limitations of the expression. This will give us the liberty to express the things in a better application and that will also be able to determine the limits upto which this can be done.

Here, we will assume the limits will be like

limitations of the expression

Now, if we are going to apply the limits to the given function then it becomes 0/0, which is known as indeterminate forms. There are certain expressions that can be defined by the use of the formula. In the field of mathematics, there are seven indeterminate forms that include 0, 1 and ∞. It can be represented as

limitations of the expression

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How to Evaluate Indeterminate Forms?

These infinite or undecided values can actually be evaluated with the use of three specific values. They are the three definite methods that are giving the process for the same.

Factoring Method (0/0 form)

This is the simplest of all the methods. In the factoring method, we will like to factorize the expressions to their maximum simplest form. After that, the limit value should be substituted so that we are able to reach the nearest value possible.

L'Hospital's Rule (0/0 or ∞/∞ form)

This is applied for more complex equations. In this method, the derivative of each term is taken progressively to the next step successively until at least one of the terms becomes free of the variable. It means that at least one term in the whole equation will become constant.

Division of Each Term by Highest Power of Variable (∞/∞ form)

This is the process where the operation of division is taken in. This method will apply the principle where each term in numerator and denominator is divided by the variable of the highest power in the expression. Through this, the limit value is obtained that will have the application in the equation.

Let us try an example of indeterminate form:

Thus, in this chapter, we have been able to understand the idea of all indeterminate forms, including the indeterminate forms of limits. We have also been able to get a good idea by having a look at the indeterminate forms solved example. In the next chapter, we will come up with a new topic and that too, with some examples.

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