Let a random variable X have a binomial distribution with mean 8 and variance r. If P(X le 2 ) = (k)/(2^(16)), then k is equal to

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Probability

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Let for the given random variable 'X' the binomial probability distribution have n-number of independent trials and probability of success and failure are p and q respectively. According to the question, <br> Mean =np =8 and variance=npq=4 <br> `:. Q=(1)/(2)rArr p=1-q=(1)/(2)` Now, `nxx(1)/(2)=8rArr n=16` <br> `P(X=r)=^(16)C_(r )((1)/(2))^(16)` <br> `:. P(X le 2)=P(X=0)+P(X=1)+P(X=2)` <br> `=^(16)C_(0)((1)/(2))^(16)+overset(16)""C_(1)((1)/(2))^(16)+overset(16)""C_(2)((1)/(2))^(16)` <br> `=(1+16)+120)/(2^(16))=(137)/(2^(16))=(k)/(2^(16)) " "` (given) <br> `rArr " "k=137`

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