Let A=R-{3},B=R-{1}, and let f: AvecB be defined by f(x)=(x-2)/(x-3) is f invertible? Explain.

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Relations And Functions

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Solution :
Let `x_(1),x_(2) in A` <br> and let `f(x_(1))=f(x_(2 ))` <br> `implies (x_(1)-2)/(x_(1)-3)=(x_(2)-2)/(x_(2)-3)` <br> `implies x_(1)x_(2)-3x_(1)-2x_(2)+6=x_(1)x_(2)-3x_(2)-2x_(1)+6` <br> So, `f` is one-one. <br> Now `y=(x-2)/(x-3)`.<br> Clearly for any value of y other than 'I' there exists unique x. <br> So, range of function is `R-{1}.` <br> Thus, `f(x)` is onto.<br> Therefore, `f(x)` is invertible. <br> Now `y=(x-2)/(x-3)` <br> `implies xy-3y=x-2` <br> `implies x(y-1)=3y-2` <br> `implies x=(3y-2)/(y-1)` <br> Therefore, `f^(-1): A to B,f^(-1)(x)=(3x-2)/(x-1)`

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