Let p, q, r in R and r gt p gt 0. If the quadratic equation px^(2) + qx + r = 0 has two complex roots alpha and beta, then |alpha|+|beta|, is

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Quadratic Expressions And Equations

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less than 2 but not equat to 1equal to 2equal to 1 greater than 2

Answer :
Solution :
Since `alpha and beta` are complex conjugate of each other. <br> `therefore" "alpha = bar(beta) and , bar(alpha) = beta rArr |alpha| = |beta|` <br> Now, `alpha = bar(beta) rArr alpha beta = bar(beta)beta rArr alpha beta = |beta|^(2)` <br> Now, `alpha beta = (r)/(p) rArr |alpha|^(2) = |beta|^(2) = (r)/(p) gt 1 rArr |alpha| = |beta| gt 1` <br> Hence, `|alpha|+|beta| gt 2`.

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