Let S be the set of all real numbers and let R be a relation in s, defined by <br> R={(a,b):aleb}.<br> Show that R is reflexive and transitive but not symmetric .

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Relations

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Solution :
here ,R satisfies the following properties : <br> (i) Reflexivity <br> Let a be an arbitrary real number .<br> then ` a le a implies (a,a)in R.` <br> thus ,`(a,a) in R AA a in S.`<br> `therefore ` R is reflexive.<br> (ii) transitvity <br> Let a,b,c be real numbers such that `(a,b) in Rand (b,c)in R.` <br> then ,`(a,b) in R `.<br> then `,(a,b) in R and (b,c) in R.` <br> `implies aleb and b le c` <br> `implies a lec` <br> `implies (a,c)in R.` <br> `therefore ` R is teansitive . <br> (iii) Nonsymmetry <br> Clearly ,`(4,5) in R " since" 4 le 5.` <br> But ,`(5,4) !in R " since" 5le4 ` is not true .<br> `therefore ` R is not symmetric .

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