Let "T" be the set of all triangles in a plane with "R" as relation in "T" given by "R"={("T"_1,("\ T")_2):("\ T")_1~="T"_2} . Show that "R" is an equivalence relation.

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Board Paper Solutions

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Solution :
Reflexive<br> `(T_1,T_1)inR`<br> `T_1 cong T_1`<br> R is a reflexive relation.<br> Symmetric<br> `(T_1,T_2) inR`<br> `(T_2-T_1)inR`<br> `T_1 cong T_2`<br> `T_2 cong T_1`<br> R is symmetric relation<br> Transitive<br> `(T_1,T_2)inR`<br> `(T_2,T_3)inR`<br> `T_1 cong T_3`<br> R is transitive as well<br> R is an equivalence relation.

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