Let x be the arithmetic mean and y ,z be tow geometric means between any two positive numbers. Then, prove that (y^3+z^3)/(x y z)=2.

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Geometric Progressions

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Solution :
Let `a` and `b` are two positive numbers.<br> Then,<br> `x = (a+b)/2`<br> `y^2 = az and z^2 = yb`<br> `=>y^3 = ayz and z^3 = byz`<br> Now, `(y^3+z^3)/(xyz) = (ayz+byz)/(((a+b)/2)yz)`<br> `=2((a+b)yz)/((a+b)yz) =2`<br> `:. (y^3+z^3)/(xyz) = 2.`<br>

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