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Updated On: 28-6-2020

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In this chapter, we will learn about monomial. Here, we will try to focus on some monomial examples that can help you to get the perfect idea about it.

A monomial is a polynomial that has got only one term. We are familiar that the polynomials are the algebraic expressions or equations which consist of coefficients and variables and has one or more terms in it. It should be kept in mind that each term of the polynomial is a monomial. Regarding a polynomial, it involves the operation of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and non-negative integer exponents of variables.

Definition of Monomial

A monomial is a type of polynomial, like, binomial and trinomial, but it is an algebraic expression that has got only a single term, which is a non-zero. The single term makes it much easier for the operation of addition, subtraction and multiplication. Another important thing is that it consists of either only one variable or one coefficient. It may also consist of a product of a variable and a coefficient with exponents as whole numbers, that helps in representing only one term, unlike binomial and trinomial, which consist of two and three terms respectively. There is no variable in the denominator.

Parts of Monomial Expression

Now coming to the parts of the monomial expression, they are the following:

  • Variable: These are the letters that are present in the monomial expression.

  • Degree: Degree is the sum of the exponents that are present in the expression.

  • Coefficient: When the number is multiplied by the variable in the expression, it is called a coefficient.

  • Literal part: The presence of the alphabets, along with the exponent value in the expression is the literal part.

For example, 3xy2 is a monomial expression.


we can say that the coefficient is 3.

Variables are x and y are the variables.

The degree of the monomial expression = 1+2 = 3.

xy2 is the literal part

4x happens to be a monomial example because it denotes a single term. In the same manner, 21, 3x2, 4xy, etc. are examples but 21+x, 4xy, 4xy-2 are not, because of the reason they do not fulfill the conditions.

It happens to be a product of powers of variables that has got non- negative integer exponents, such that, if there is the presence of a single variable x, then it has either a 1 or a power of xn of x.

Coming to the terms of the coefficient, it is defined as the term with a non-zero coefficient. So, here, the degree of a monomial proves to be the sum of the exponents of all the included variables where the monomials are formed. For example, there are three degrees in xyz2 which are 1,1 and 2. Therefore, the degree of xyz2 is 1+1+2 = 4.

Monomial Degree

Monomial degree or the degree of a monomial expression can be found with the addition of the exponents of the variables in the expression. When it comes to calculating the monomial degree, it includes the exponent values of the variables where it also includes the implicit exponent of 1 for the variables as well.  We can take an example like equation 2xy3. Here, the exponent value of 1 is not visible in the expression. So, in this case, the degree of the expression is 1+3 = 4. If the monomial expression is a constant value then the degree of the non-zero constant is given as 0.

It is important to note that the degree of the monomial expression is also known as the order of the monomial. So, let us have a good look at the different monomial operations so that you can get the best idea.

Monomial Operations

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are the arithmetic operations which are performed on the monomial expression.

  • Addition of Two Monomials: When two monomials are added with the same literal part, it will result in a monomial expression. For example, the addition of 6ab + 4ab is 10 ab.

  • Subtraction of Two Monomials: When two monomials are subtracted with a similar literal part, it will result in a monomial expression. For example, the subtraction of 9xyz – 3xyz is 6xyz.

  • Multiplication of Two Monomials: When two monomials are multiplied, it will also result in monomial. For example, the product of 2x2y and 4z is 8x2yz. When two monomials are multiplied with the same variables, then add the exponent value of the variables. For example, the product of a4 and a3 is given as (a4) (a3) = a 4+3 = a7.

  • Division of Two Monomials: When two monomials are divided with the same variables, we need to subtract the exponent value of the variables. For example, the division of a8 by a2 is given as (a8) / (a2) = a8-2 = a6

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Monomial Examples

Now, we shall consider some of the variables and examples:

  • p – It is one variable where the degree is one.
  • 5p2 – It has a coefficient of 5 and degree as two.
  • p3q – There are two variables and degree as 4(3+1).
  • -6ty – There are two variables t and y where the coefficient is -6
  • If we consider x4 + 2x2 + 3x+10 is a polynomial, where x4, 2x2, 3x and 10 are the single terms and are known as monomials.


A binomial is an algebraic expression or polynomial or, which has a maximum of two non-zero terms. There are only two variables.

Examples are: 3x2 + y, 10p + 7q2, a + b, 2x2y2 + 9, are all binomials having two variables.


A trinomial is an algebraic expression or a polynomial, which has a maximum of three non-zero terms. There are only three variables.

Examples are: 3x2 + y + z, p + 9q + 4r2, a + b + c, 3x2y2 + 8 + z, are all trinomials having three variables.

differences between monomial binomial and trinomial

So, you have understood about monomials and also the differences between monomial, binomial and trinomial.

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