number of real solutions of the equation |cotx|= cotx + 1/ sin x (0<x<pi) is

Question from  Class 12  Chapter Jee Mains

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Solution :
`|cotx| = cotx +1/sinx`<br> `cotx` will be positive when `x in (0,pi/2)`.<br> `:. x in (0,pi/2)`,<br> `cotx = cotx +1/sinx`<br> `=>1/sinx = 0`<br> `=>sinx = oo`<br> We know, maximum value of `sin x` is `1.`<br> So, no solution possible when `x in (0,pi/2)`.<br> `cotx` will be negative when `x in (pi/2,pi)`.<br> `:. x in (pi/2,pi)`,<br> `-cotx = cotx +1/sinx`<br> `=>-2cotx = 1/sinx`<br> `=>-2cosx/sinx = 1/sinx`<br> `=>cosx = -1/2`<br> `=>x = (2pi)/3`<br> So, `x = (2pi)/3` is the only solution available for the given equation.<br> `:.` Number of solutions for this equation is `1`.

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