O is any point inside a rectangle ABCD. Prove that O B^2+O D^2=O A^2+O C^2.

Question from  Class 10  Chapter Triangles

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Solution :
If we draw a line `EF` parallel to `AB` in the given figure,<br> it will divide rectangle `ABCD` into two rectangles `ABFE` and `CDEF`.<br> Then, `AE = BF` and `CF = DE->(1)`<br> Now, in `Delta OEA`,<br> `OA^2 = OE^2+AE^2->(2)`<br> In `Delta OCF`,<br> `OC^2 = OF^2+CF^2->(3)`<br> In `Delta OBF`,<br> `OB^2 = OF^2+BF^2->(4)`<br> In `Delta OED`,<br> `OD^2 = OE^2+DE^2->(5)`<br> Now, adding (2) and (3),<br> `OA^2+OC^2 = OE^2+AE^2+OF^2+CF^2`<br> From(1), `AE = BF` and `CF = DE`<br> So,<br> `OA^2+OC^2 = (OE^2+DE^2)+(OF^2+BF^2)`<br> `OA^2+OC^2 = OB^2+OD^2`<br>

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