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PARABOLA | REFLECTION PROPERTY OF A PARABOLA, CHORD OF CONTACT, POLE AND POLAR, INTERSECTION WITH OTHER CONICS | State Reflection property of parabola, Chord of Contact, Equation of chord whose midpoint is (x_1,y_1), Find the locus of midpoint normal chord of the parabola y^2=4ax, Let there be two parabolas y^2=4ax and y^2=-4bx (where a!=b; a;b gt0) . Then find the locus of the middle points of the intercepts between the parabolas made on the lines parallel to the common axis., Definition and meaning of pole and polar, Three normals are drawn from the point (c,0) to the curve y^2=x. Show that c must be greater than 1/2. One normal is always the x-axis. For what values of c are the other two normals perpendicular to each other, Intersection of Parabola with Circle, Intersection of Parabola with ellipse, Intersection of Parabola with Parabola, Intersection of Parabola with Hyperbola, Find the point of intersection of parabola y=-3x^2+3 and hyperbola y=-18/x

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Parabola

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