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PERMUTATIONS AND COMBINATIONS | MULTINOMIAL THEOREM, DEARRANGEMENT | Concept What is use of it ?, Case 1 -In how many ways the sum of upper faces of four distinct dices can be 6 ?, Case 2 - In how many different ways can 3 persons A;B;C having 6 one rupee coin; 7 one rupee coin ; 8 one rupee coin ; respectively ; donate 10 one rupee coin collectively ?, Case 3 Example :Find the no. of non negative integral solution of x_1+x_2+x_3+4x_4=24, Case 4 In how many ways 14 identical toys be distributed among three boys so that each one gets atleast one toy and no two boys get equal no of toys ?, Case 5 In how many ways can we get a sum greater than 17 by throwing 6 distinct dice ., Derangement theorem, Seven People leave their bags outside a temple and returning after worshipping picked one bag each at random . In how many ways atleast one and atmost three of them get their correct bags ?

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Permutations And Combinations

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